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marks a new era in the development of
high performance and

carpet tile cushion backing.

Ecostep is the next generation of carpet tile backing that is made from 90% post-consumer material re- engineered from millions of discarded drinkng water bottles. This environmentally friendly backing not only meets all the stringent criteria required in a carpet tile, but consistently outperforms the conventional PVC and bitumen hard backings as well as the urethane cushion backing in durability, walking comfort and indoor air quality.



In view of its superior properties, carpet tiles with EcoStep backing is the ideal choice for all facilities, be it shopping malls, convention centers, schools, airports, public buildings and offices.


Performance Enhancement

EcoStep is designed and engineered to absorb destructive impact from high foot traffic. Its superior compression and recovery spring like properties significantly reduced fiber crush and wear-and-tear, enabling the carpet to retain its good look longer.


Luxurious Walking Comfort

EcoStep cushion backing effectively absorbs foot impact, and as a result, reduces leg muscle fatigue to a greater degree as compared with other hard flooring.


Exceptionally Durable

Due to its fiber construction, EcoStep cushioning property is far more durable than urethane cushion and the cushioning effect will out live the life on the surface carpet.


Superior Dimensional Stability

EcoStep is engineered using special processes to obtain a superior dimensional stability (BS EN 986 ) of<0.1%. This new standard is a breakthrough in the carpet tile industry.


Environmentally Friendly

EcoStep is engineered from 90 % post-consumer discarded drinking bottles.


Excellent Sound Absorption

EcoStep is weaved from millions of fine fibers interlocked together in a needling process to a suitable thickness. The final product is like an insulation felt whish has excellent accoustical property.